AT G&S Garage Services we are proud to announce that with our alternative approach to motoring costs and our push to save you the consumer £££££'s we will be going for our certification from the UKLPGA in order that we can now add an alternative fuel source as part of our commitment to reducing your motoring fuel bills, and carbon footprint!


Our preferred supplier/partner of choice for this are BRC GB,with one of the largest network of installers in the UK you can rest assured of quality of product and service, backed up by a trusted network.


With LPG fuel available in most areas for less than half the cost of unleaded petrol, converting vehicles to these fuels will result in significant reductions in running costs for private motorists and fleet users alike. The after-market conversion costs can be recovered, in most cases, within months.


So go on, do yourself a favour and visit BRC's website then calculate your return on investment!!'ll be amazed.