Experiance your vehicle in a completely new way. At G&S in Airdrie our Diesel tuning will increase the power and fuel economy!

Today, we believe that you the consumer are not only looking for better performance from your cars and vans but also Increased fuel economy, so why not transform your engine with the world's premier engine mapping technology at G&S Garage Services Diesel tuning, Airdrie!


DTE Systems GmbH are the world's leading diesel tuning systems manufacturer with over 2,000 applications, these high quality engine management systems are the premier brand in the engine performance market. For the first time DTE Systems are now officially and exclusively available in the UK from Plug N Drive at G&S Garage services, Airdrie.


DTE is the premier name in the Diesel engine tuning market. Our tuning systems are designed and manufactured at Recklingshausen in Germany, with a level of quality, performance and research and service that far outstrips other engine management alternatives.  There are cheaper tuning system elsewhere, and if you are working on a shoestring you will find alternatives that suit you more.

A DTE Tuning system is for people who value the best, and want to get the very best from their vehicle.

So what is it that makes the DTE Tuning System so

The articles below tell you a little about the culture, build quality and performance that has made DTE the premier name in the Diesel Tuning market.

Quality management

In 2003, DTE Systems also achieved verification of quality according to the ISO 9001 guidelines of RWTÜV Systems GmbH, in terms of the road traffic regulations pursuant to §19 (3) of the StVZO (German Road Vehicle Regulations) in the area of engine tuning and chip tuning.

Through this certification, the provision of the TÜV (Technical Inspection Authority) certificates that are required in Germany and other countries has been successfully achieved. 

This quality management system further supports DTE Systems' philosophy of providing our customers with quality, safety and excellent service.


Build Quality

Our Engine management systems feature high quality injection moulded cases, high performance CPUs and original plug-in connectors made to the same quality standards as the vehicle's original equipment.

Our modules satisfy the highest quality expected from today's consumer and with guaranteed reliability for long-term use in your vehicle.

Manufactured to German engineering standards with great pride, DTE tuning systems are the world's leading Diesel engine tuning system.


Why not come along for a demo, we have a demo kit available and if it covers your make and model then why not try before you buy! simply call us to book an appointment on 01236898033.