Diagnosics, Servicing, Mechanical Repairs, Tyres, Suspension, Brakes, Tuning, van conversions and Much more....


At G&S Garage services we provide dealer level servicing tailored to meet the needs of your manufacturers warranty protected under the European commissions BLOCK EXEMPTION ruling.

What this means for you is that you have a choice when it comes to the servicing and maintenance of your Brand New Car...YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RETURN TO THE FRANCHISED DEALER...and will still keep your warranty intact

For those outwith the warranty periods we can tailor the service to suit.


If you wish to review in detail BLOCK EXEMPTION please click HERE.


We are fully backed by our supply partners ensuring that your vehicles parts and service meet or exceed required standards.

Engine Management / Diagnostics

Over the past few years as vehicle systems have become more complex, we endeavour with the software, tooling and above all the knowledge to carry out complex fault findinding procedures to cover all customers vehicle requirements, ensuring correct diagnosis first time every time.

Tyres & Exhausts

We are able to supply and fit top quality, and budget new tyres and exhausts (whatever you wish) that compete and often beat fast fit centres and still provide full warranty terms.


We are able to carry out professional structural repairs to a high standard with the ability to complete to a cosmetic standard. (if required.)

Steering & Suspension

We are equipped with all the dedicated tools to replace most steering and suspension components on most makes of car and of course supply top quality parts with warranty.

Timing Belts

We keep the majority of special tools and data to enable us to change most vehicle timing belts. We would always recommend changing your timing belt at the required interval to ensure preventing costly repairs should one break.

Brakes & Other Repairs

We cover all aspects of brake overhauls, from pads to ABS repairs, only using quality parts.
We believe that we give our customers a comprehensive range of repairs to their vehicles all in one place, and that we are the best in Airdrie.


We can arrange to have your car MOT'd at your conveniance with our independent inspection team. Thus ensuring your car is both safe and impartially checked for your peace of mind.